Evening Shikara ride in Nainital Lake, a must-do activity


Saurabh is a 30 something guy from Kolkata and presently staying in New Delhi, India with his beautiful family. He is a post graduate in English and is working as a freelance web developer. His passion for traveling and connecting people has made him lots of friends from around the globe. He also loves eating unusual recipes.

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6 Responses

  1. Joanna says:

    It looks like you had a very relaxing boat ride after a full day of visiting. The ride seems very cheap at only 200 rupees and the views look really nice. Sometimes all you need is a few moments to just enjoy and do nothing.

  2. Carmy says:

    Lovely boat ride! $3 for 20 minutes is a pretty good price! Does it matter if you have more than one person with you or is it 3 per person??

  3. sophie says:

    This lake looks beautiful , after reading your post and photos I just browsed for more photos on Google and saw that atmosphere at this lake is always beautiful , I can definitely put this in my list when I come to India Next year. I am definitely going to visit this lake. Thanks for this lovely post, was very helpful for me! Cheers.

  4. ROSHNI RAY says:

    Lovely post 🙂 Even I am from Kolkata and have been thinking about visiting Nainital, Shimla and all the nearby places. Hopefully will plan something soon 🙂

  5. Christine K says:

    Such a lovely post. Enjoyed reading about your experience and hearing about an area I am not familiar with. Loved the photos and the delightful narrative.

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