EraGenX is a space on the web, where beautiful fables of the cities and destinations are stored in a manner, that anyone who loves colors of the nature and diversities of people around the globe is going to get addicted to it. Created by Saurabh and Nivedita, in a mission to bring the most compelling tales of people and places from different parts of the world. They along with their 7 months old toddler, travels to some of the most off-beat destinations of the world.

Who is Saurabh?
Saurabh is a 30 something guy from Kolkata and presently staying in New Delhi, India with his beautiful family. He is a post graduate in English and is working as a freelance web developer. His passion for traveling and connecting people has made him lots of friends from around the globe. He also loves eating unusual recipes. Read all travelogues by Saurabh here.
Who is Nivedita?
Nivedita is a post graduate from Delhi University and works in Government sector. She loves traveling, writing and cooking. According to her, all these three ingredients are necessary for her survivor. She strongly believes in herself and is motivated to make life better for people, who are deprived of basic rights. Read all travelogues by Nivedita here.
Who is Niti?
Niti is a 7-month-old toddler (by the time of writing this article). Nothing much about her passion or ambition can be said now. But her eyes shines brightly when she discovers new land, she makes a strange noise, when she see Hills & valleys. She smiles when she encounters a sea. She sleeps 14 hours a day and when she is awake, she either eats or crawls. She is probably the future contributor at EraGenX.
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Brief History of EraGenX
Eragenx was first developed as a social network back in 2011, which was the part of Saurabh’s web developing project. It also has few good members (mostly friends and family). After the project was over, website remained abandoned for few years and then the domain was parked. It was in July 2016, that Nivedita asked Saurabh, that why they are not documenting their travel stories. It was the day when Saurabh found a new mission to accomplish.