Our travel plan of 2017, the most beautiful but ignored destinations in India


Saurabh is a 30 something guy from Kolkata and presently staying in New Delhi, India with his beautiful family. He is a post graduate in English and is working as a freelance web developer. His passion for traveling and connecting people has made him lots of friends from around the globe. He also loves eating unusual recipes.

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4 Responses

  1. If you really wish to visit ignored destinations… Move to north East and down to Tamilnadu. You must also visit Grahan Village that hold the legacy of Himalayan history …. The web hardly tells anything about this beautiful village… do read about it http://travelhippies.in/2017/02/11/grahan-village-himachal-pradesh/

  2. Hey brother add Odisha too….

  3. Kangri trek is looking beautiful. I wish to visit this place. You have shared great information here.

  4. Fantastic locations, I’m definitely saving these aside so thanks for sharing 🙏🔮
    (I love the color tone of the river in that Mana village photo!)

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