Chandigarh in the state of Punjab, North India is the first planned city and was built in post Indian independence era. Garden in Chandigarh, Museum, Zoo, Art gallery attracts tourists round the year. The city is located in the foothill of Himalayas and near to many hill stations so the weather remains pleasing through out the year. It is different from other cities in India because of its well planned structures. Tourists, who plan to explore north India, either choose Chandigarh or Delhi as their center point. Due to Chandigarh’s low crime rate, favorable climate and well planned localities, it remains the top choice for tourists. Pleasing weather conditions is also the reason for its fabulous gardens, where one can spend time and breath fresh air. In this post I will give you the list of top 5 gardens in Chandigarh. You can spend your time here, the next time you visit this amazing city.

Nek Chand Rock Garden in Chandigarh

rock garden in chandigarh

It is located near Sukhna Lake and is named after its founder Nek Chand. There is a interesting story behind this amazing garden. The founder, who was a Government official, worked in this garden in his leisure time and he kept it hidden for 18 years. It was in 1975, that this garden in Chandigarh was found. It is spread across 40 acre. The speciality of this garden is that, it is made out of waste from industry and household. When you are in Chandigarh, do visit this garden to see the rich creativity of its founder.

Zakir Hussain Rose Garden in Chandigarh

rose garden in chandigarh

Zakir Hussain rose garden in Chandigarh is named after former president of India. It is spread across 30 acre and has the identity of being the Asia’s biggest one. The garden has over 50000 rose plants from 1600 species. Besides rose, the garden also features several other plants of medicinal values. Annual rose festival is held here, during the month of February-March to celebrate the awesomeness of rose.

Pinjore Garden

pinjore garden in chandigarh

Pinjore garden in located about 22 kilometers from the main city of Chandigarh in Panchkula district of Haryana. Pinjore garden is an example of Mughal style garden. This beautiful garden was built in 17th century, it was later revamped by Maharaja Yadevendra of Patiala dynasty, because due to long time of abandonment, the garden was destroyed. The garden has a beautiful architecture and is laid in seven terrace.

Terraced Garden in Chandigarh

terraced garden in chandigarh

The terraced garden in Chandigarh is located in sector 33 and covers an area of about 10 acre. This garden in Chandigarh is famous because of its light musical fountain, which attracts the visitor’s attention. Locale of Chandigarh like to visit here, to take walk during evening. The atmosphere of this garden is very serene and refreshing.

Cactus Garden in Chandigarh

cactus garden in chandigarh

Cactus garden in Chandigarh is situated in sector 5 of the city and is dedicated to the endangered species and is regarded as the biggest in Asia. There are several varieties of Cactus grown over here like Opuntias, Ferocactus etc. This garden drives much attention because Cactus can only be found in specific area.

The next time you visit Chandigarh to try to visit these gardens, the entry fees are nominal and you can go there along with your family and friends. These are also suitable for children of all ages. Have you been to any of these gardens before? Do share your experiences in comment. Protection Status


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Zarina · December 12, 2016 at 5:41 am

Whoa, This garden leaves me astounded. I love that colourful flowers blooms in the middle. This part of India is a perfect example of paradise. Thanks for the glimpse. I’m gonna put this on my list.

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