Jerusalem is the oldest and most sacred city in the world. Whether you are Muslim, Jew or Christian, this place should holds a great significance for you. Jerusalem is both magical and disputed place of Middle East and its must e visited by everyone, who have interest in mythology and history. “Living history” true words attributed to this auspicious place. Below are few travel tips that will help you smoothly cover this part of the world. You may also consider to check Jerusalem Visitor Guide if you want a comprehensive guide to plan your visit.

travel tips to jerusalem

Pack decent dress and not shorts and Pjs

Types of cloths you were in Jerusalem matters the most. I am sure that you will not like people staring at you in disgust neither you will want to fall in some trouble. So be on the the safe side and dress decently.

A big No No for any argument with locals

Try to avoid arguments of any sort as much as you can. Argument should be avoided, when you travel and argument in Jerusalem should be avoided the most.

Learn Few Hebrew words

Although the locals can speak English but they will use some words that are typical to Jerusalem for instance the word like Egged, which is used to refer Central bus station, Kenyon used for shopping Mall, Serut for a shared taxi etc.

Having dinner in host’s house

If you are invited in Sabbath, don’t ask for milk item with meat and do avoid smoking you may of-course take some gift for the host and if you are planning to take wine with you, make sure that it is Kosher.

Using bus for transportation

Do remember that in orthodox buses, women sits at back. Don’t sit next to any passenger with orthodox attire. Don’t display affection to opposite sex.

Jerusalem today, is not just a city with glorious history and mythology, it also has promising future. Startups and tourism is encouraged these days and more and more tourists are attracted to this awesome place. With the top five travel tips to Jerusalem, you can easily plan your trip accordingly. Drop in your comments, if you need any help on information related to Jerusalem. Protection Status


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