Mishap occurs with even the most cautious one. Losing your passport in a foreign country can be a terrible experience. But remember, you are not the only person, who encountered the problem of lost passport. There are many such cases of stolen and lost passport reported daily. There is a way out of this appalling situation. In this travel tip, we will deal with this problem together, and help you to find a way out of this plight. Keep your patience and work on obtaining a new passport as soon as possible by following these steps.

Lost Passport ? 1st thing 1st

lost passport

The moment you find out that you got your passport stolen or lost, immediately go to nearest police station and report. Please note that it should be nearest police station, from the place you think it got stolen or lost. In case, someone found it, he will deposit it at the nearest police station. After you inform the police, get your original police report and scan it and take 2-3 photocopy of police report.

2nd Step

Lost passport

Inform your friends/family about your mishap, and request them to send money and documents (if you don’t have) by fax or courier.

  • Address proof’
  • Date of birth proof
  • Citizenship proof

3rd Step

stolen passport

Go to, your country’s Embassy and report about your stolen/lost passport. They will require original police report (mandatory) with photo copy of your passport (not mandatory). You will have two options, one is to get emergency passport, another option is to get a regular passport made under normal process. For getting emergency passport, you will be required to provide your passport number, photocopy of the passport in order to expedite the process. In case you don’t have any of those details, then expect some delay, as the embassy will need to get your information from country. Please note that in some countries their are some restrictions with emergency passport.

Emergency passport : You should opt for it, if you want to move out of the country at your earliest. It takes about one to two weeks to get your emergency passport and the charge is the same as regular passport. Embassy may have some extra charges, if you don’t have some essential documents.

Regular passport : Obtaining a regular passport requires some time and documents required are as follows:

  • Date of birth proof.
  • Address proof.
  • Police report of lost passport.
  • Photocopy of passport, if available.

You now know, how you can get a new passport, in case you have lost it in a foreign country. While traveling abroad, always keep backup of documents with your family. Keep the scanned copy of passport and other essential document with you. Important phone numbers at your disposal works like a miracle in a miserable situation.

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