“A picture’s worth a thousand words”

In today’s digital world, photographs plays an important part. It speaks a lot about us, it talks about our likes and dislikes. Research proofs that a text document is more likely to be read, if a photo is attached with it. As a traveler, you should ensure that, you click the best out of rest, as it reflect a lot about your personality. Shooting great photos in your journey, doesn’t requires you to be a great photographer, nor does it requires you to own a DSLR camera. I see some of my Instagram/twitter followers taking compelling photos with their smartphone. All you need to have, is creative thinking, eye for minute details, ability to pour life in your photographs. Well, I am not a professional photographer, but some of my photos do work really good. Over the years of my traveling expedition, I have captured some amazing shots, and based on what worked for me, I have compiled this list of tips which will help you to capture amazing moments. Photos build memories, great photos builds great memories, follow these 10 tips to shoot compelling photographs like a pro.

Look for water reflections

Photos having reflection plays better than photos without any. In your journey, you will come across many water reflection. Try not to overlook it this time. You probably traveled to lots of beaches, Island, lakes and water sites, focus on reflections this time. Below are some photos with reflection for your inspiration.

Eye on Shadows

Light and shadows are so common in landscape, that they are found everywhere. With your creativity you may take some amazing shots with light and shadows.

Human Subject

While it is great to shoot landscape, a human subject in the landscape will make your photo soulful. A photograph with human subject is generally looked for longer time, than photo without it. Imagine yourself looking at general landscape photos and suddenly you encountered a photo with human in it standing at some distant, don’t you think it will be appealing!!

Focus on minute subject

Subject can be anything, its your creativity that will make the subject interesting. When you travel, you will come across several things, which is generally considered as “common”. Its you and your photography skills which will make it uncommon.

Try perspective photography


So you are in the habit of taking photos, while standing or sitting!! Time to do some exercise, try perspective photography. I am sure you will get some outstanding results. try shooting the subject from different angles. These types of photos attains outstanding results.

These tips are for non photographer, who desires to bring back home some amazing photos from their travel. If followed wisely, I am sure that you will capture some amazing moments.

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Saurabh is a 30 something guy from Kolkata and presently staying in New Delhi, India with his beautiful family. He is a post graduate in English and is working as a freelance web developer. His passion for traveling and connecting people has made him lots of friends from around the globe. He also loves eating unusual recipes.


John Parker · October 11, 2016 at 7:39 am

Hey Saurabh your photography tips is useful. Thanks for sharing and I will try on my next trip.

    saurabh · October 11, 2016 at 3:51 pm

    Thank you John

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