What is country’s representative (CR) on EraGenX?

Countries representatives are privileged user’s of the community, they are marked with verified sign on their profile.

What is the work of CR?

CR plays an active role in the selection of people from their country in various field of art and also they act as a Global Moderator (GM) in the community.

Can I become Country’s Representative?

Yes you can become CR, but it will depend upon vacant position from time to time.

What is the eligibility Criteria to become CR?

1.  You need to work under a CR for atleast 6 months.

2. You must have your own community on EraGenX with atleast 1000 members.

3. You must be regular on site and help in building up the community.

4. You should be good in your art.

5. You should have a amicable personality.


Please note: This is just the eligibility criteria for becoming CR, it dose not guarantee your position.

Who should I contact, if I need help?

You can contact your CR, if you need help, every CR will be having separate email address on EraGenX (example@eragenx.com) and CR will forward your mail/request to us.

Who should I contact incase my ID is inactive/banned/hacked ?

You may mail to admin@eragenx.com and operator will get in touch with you within 4-6 hours.