India has been one of the richest centers of spirituality over the last four thousand years. The tourism opportunities have developed gradually. India, being a secular state offers a haven and sanctuary not only to one religion but to all religions in the nation.

1. Spectacular Destination

spiritual tourism

Tea Plantation, Photo by Peggy_Marco, CC0 1.0

Are you looking to enjoy a powerful, fulfilling spiritual retreat in India? There are trips and tours out there that make you experience the joy of a lifetime. You can explore a new way of travel, a discovery of the sacred world. These tours and travels are devoid of any feeling of religion or any strict religious belief or path.

You seem to discover and awaken your spiritual self without any bias, in a comfortable ambience of natural surroundings. On these tours. you come across experts or guides who leads you to adventures on a Himalayan trek or on a Nature tour into the jungles in India. The sights are amazing and spectacular and woven with a spirit of spiritual ethos at the same time. You get a taste of the eternal love and ideas about spirituality as you travel throughout India.

India is synonymous with the concept of ‘Atithi Devo Bhaba’ – which means treating every visitor like God. So anyone who travels to the various spiritual destinations that India has to offer gets a crux of the concept of being the respected guest to this mystical land of the Gita and the Upanishads. The plethora of temples, mosques, churches and monasteries in India are worth the visit for experiencing the distinct sense of peace and serenity that engulfs them.

2. Broadens your perspective

The spiritual tours in India give us ample time to meditate, reflect and relax at our own pace and at the same time enjoy the peace and calm in our surroundings.

These are the travels that are mostly designed for people who want to unravel and explore the rich culture and spiritual history of the country. This serves to be the experience of a lifetime.

The meditation sessions in the mornings and evenings also helps to refresh the spirits and get ready for a new beginning in life. Thus, we are not only conscious of the outer surroundings but also the inward journey. The mind gets calmer, the body takes in fresh air and gets rejuvenated through the tours and enlightenment of the soul begins.

3. Find inner peace

We often seek shelter in the bosom of Nature, in the quieter places away from the hustle and bustle of city life. There we can reinvent ourselves amidst the solitude. The peaceful places in India are many in number. Sarnath, Auroville, Landsdowne, Silent Valley National Park, Majuli Island deserve special mention.

4. Amazing confluence of cultures

At the spiritual sites, there is a wonderful mix and match of all cultures and traditions of people from all parts of the world. They all seem to move towards that one spiritual path followed in India, ‘vasudaiva kutumbakam’ – the whole world is one family.

5. Highly Educating

The spiritual tours to different places in India, the Himalayas or to the scores of temples, mosques, churches and shrines result in a lot of learning and acquiring of knowledge about spiritual theories, cultures and traditions. The spiritual retreats to all parts of India are immensely educational as people learn to develop family harmony, spiritual clarity and maturity through them. These ‘know your own self’ programs which when practiced well can really enrich the wisdom inherent in a human being. You get the unique opportunity to experience a sense of Oneness, the Infinite, the Super Consciousness by learning from the various practices and sermons by spiritual teachers on a tour.

6. Remarkable Rituals

The exquisite Indian rituals that one gets to behold while visiting the different spiritual centers in India is also a great learning experience for the seekers of spiritual wisdom. The rituals are practiced among diverse festivities and they speak volumes for the unity in diversities of various traditions and cultures in India.

7. Intriguing history

spiritual tourism

Photo by dakshkaim0, CC0 1.0

India has an intriguing history and when we visit places like Varanasi, Haridwar, Vrindavan, Mathura, Kanyakumari, Madurai, Puri and so on we get to learn about the historical annals of these places. Each place has its own fascinating stories, mythologies and legends to bestow.

8. Affordable

The spiritual tours and travels in India come in customized packages in case you are taking a guided tour with a company. Even if the tour is planned on one’s own, the options for lodging, food and transport are often quite affordable. A regular Indian person can travel to such places at a suitably economical cost.

9. Delectable Food

spiritual tourism

Photo by GOLDINPIC, CC0 1.0

Food is mostly affordable and at some places of worship, the visitors are even fed for free. The food at such spiritual destinations is usually vegetarian.

10. Be inspired

All people interested in spiritual touring are bound to get inspired by visiting such places that offer an unparalleled feeling of harmony and tranquility. Apart from the historical significance of the places, the inexpensive pricing of lodging, food, travel and guided tours draw millions of people to these spiritual destinations in India every year. Protection Status
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