This weekend we had our single day trip to three major destinations in Uttar Pradesh (North India) Agra, Mathura, and Vrindavan. We have been to Agra (the home of famous Taj) before, but Mathura (the birthplace of Lord Shree) and Vrindavan (the playground of Lord Shree Krishna) were new to us, so we decided to take this trip. The trip started at 4.30 A.M in the morning. It was a chilly morning and we had to leave home at an early hour, therefore we decided not to take Niti with us, as this was her 1st winter, and I wasn’t sure that she could withstand the temperature outside. We boarded our pre-booked bus from Karol Bagh Metro station, right at 6.15 A.M in the morning. Still, it was dark and foggy, but fortunately, all the travelers were on time, and there wasn’t any delay. Agra is about 232 Kilometer from Delhi and takes 4 hours to reach there, but we were expecting that the trip would take more time due to fog and low visibility.

Agra (our 1st destination)

Places to visit in Agra

We arrived at Agra at 11.30 A.M to behold the masterpiece of Architectural excellence. We visited Agra fort, Taj Mahal and Handicraft Showroom in Agra. Check out my post on places to visit in Agra. Our building guide gave us some great information about Agra Fort. The astounding architecture was bewitching and made us think about the great Mughal Era and their grandeur. Diwan-e-Khas and Diwan-e-Awan were amazing. We had our lunch in Agra at Vedic restaurant and then proceeded to behold the famous Taj Mahal. Any word to describe the beauty of Taj falls less. This amazing monument of love is also the monument of Sacrifice, hard work, patience, and perseverance as 20000 laborers worked for 20 years to create a structure that has unmatched beauty. We had our lunch in Agra and proceeded to our next destination, that was Mathura (the birthplace of Krishna).

Mathura (Our 2nd destination)


Mathura is a perpetual place, which is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Shree Krishna. The ambiance of this place is pure and sacred. The entry fee of the temple is free but they charge you for taking clock room facility, you are not allowed to carry your mobile, camera and food inside the temple complex. The Lord Shree Krishna temple in Mathura is a place that is full of divinity and beauty. The sound of Bhajan and Kirtan along with the sight of the temple with the air that is pure refreshed our mind and soul. This is one place that every traveler should visit once in his lifetime. After spending about 2 hours in Mathura, we were on our way to third and the last destination, Vrindavan (the playground of Lord Shree Krishna).

Vrindavan (Our 3rd destination)


We were accompanied by Temple’s priest, as our guide to Vrindavan. The place has more than 5000 Hindu temples and it is the place which is significant to Hindu religion. It is the place famous for Shree Krishna Leela. We visited the house of Lord Shree Krishna which was pure and divine. The second place we visited in Vrindavan was the famous Meera Bai temple, where presently 2000 Widows performs daily ritual of Bhajan and Kirtan. Every narrow lane of Vrindavan town speaks for itself. This ancient place has lots of stories associated with each temple.

Our trip ended at 11 P.M. at night and we were on our way back to Delhi with lots of stories and experience. We made our day memorable by visiting the greatest landmark of Indian history and Hindu mythology. Protection Status


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